Hi, I'm Jacob Cullum!

I’m a designer with interests ranging from typography and environmental graphic design to 3D rendering and video production. I’m currently studying in the Visual Communication program at the University of Oklahoma, and graduating with a BFA in May 2020.

Originally from Janesville, Wisconsin, I started exploring photography at the age of 12. This developed into an interest
in film and video production as I entered high school, which led me to develop a relationship with a local production studio, Drywater Productions, where I worked as an volunteer and later an employee, and learned the ins and outs of video production in the context of a small, dedicated team. In addition, the world of 3D animation thrilled me, and so in early high school I began to teach myself Blender and the world of CGI, a skillset that has remained relevant throughout my design journey, allowing me to execute environmental graphic design projects with high-fidelity digital visualizations, and easily create design mockups.

My journey took a turn as I moved south to attend the University of Oklahoma, where my skillset expanded to include more traditional print design, environmental graphic design, and digital design. Now, as my time at the university comes to a close, and I prepare to leave my job at OU’s Gibbs College of Architecture, I look forward to a new chapter and to applying the skills I’ve learned in a new context.

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